Upskilling Our People 2021

The project “Upskilling Our People 2021” compromised of 5 evening workshops, delivered online to the organisers of the Oranmore Arts Festival. The invitations will be extended to other small festival facilitators in the region.

The team had planned to deliver a further 4 workshops but with covid and committee membership changes, alas this was not possible.

The Workshops:

1. Stakeholder Engagement Workshop – 6th of April 2021, 8:30 pm Stakeholder engagement is key to the longevity of our festival and to improve this we engaged Act Build Change to teach our people how to build networks and create real change.

2. Organisational Diversity Workshop & 3. Organisational Diversity Follow Up We have been working on improving the diversity and inclusion of OAF, however our team membership remains white middle class. We worked with Buheri Consult to address this as they share our belief that diversity is a norm and not an exception. Buheri work from a place where inclusion needs to be designed, developed, and implemented.

4. Digital Media Strategy Workshop – 2nd of March, 8:30 pm OAF delivered 2020 festival online 2 months into lockdown and the learning curve was steep. We want to increase the digital media skills of our team to take advantage of the continued need to deliver content online. We partnered with Forachange to improve our digital media skills.

5. Marketing Roundtable Discussion OAF has harnessed community contacts to market the festival, but the team has much to learn about effective marketing strategy and ideas, particularly in a post covid world. We seek to learn from other festivals with experience and knowledge to share. We worked with key marketing personnel from Baboro International Arts Festival for Children in round table discussion.