It Takes A Village

The “It Takes A Village” project was organised by Ciara McDonagh and is a project of the Oranmore Arts Festival. It was based around the idea of people taking ownership of their town and connecting a town’s community.

The project hoped to teach people about urban design. The main aspect of it was the question how the arrangement of buildings make the residents of the area feel. There were workshops on urban design, which led into the participants creating their own version of the area beside Oranmore castle. Reality was not a priority, participants instead focused on creativity and testing the possibilities. They used a 3D programme to realise their ideas.

The finished products were then showcased in an exhibition for the people of Oranmore. There were also lectures given by Philip Jackson, Kevin Leyden and Simon Wall. Those who visited the exhibition had originally expected realistic designs for the space, but were faced with many wild ideas such as a “Game of Thrones” inspired structure.

All in all it was a great experience.