The “Flotsam” is organised by Eleanor Leadbetter and is a project of the Oranmore Arts Festival funded by Galway 2020. It is about reducing plastic pollution in the ocean.

There were workshops in 3 primary schools in Oranmore to educate children on marine plastics. The topics of the workshops included what plastic is, why it is in the oceans, if it is all bad and what we can do to help. There was also a lecture given by a member of the Atlantaquaria.

After the workshop there was a huge beach clean up. Some of the plastic was taken by the Galway County Council and the rest of it was cleaned by Eleanor. Some students in the schools then designed sculptures about ocean pollution. One design was then chosen in each school and the sculpture was realised using the cleaned plastic, During the Oranmore Arts Festival the 3 sculptures were shown in an exhibition to spread awareness of the ocean pollution.

The project was a sucsess and later followed by more beach clean ups.