Meet the Team

Meet the people behind the Oranmore Arts Festival.

Trustee – Eleanor Leadbetter

Eleanor has a Masters in animation, and delivered animation workshops for the BBC. An accomplished singer, she has performed internationally with various groups and as a soloist and performed at the BBC Proms twice! She has also crocheted mini versions of both of her children.

Trustee – Megan Flynn Dixon

Megan has 13 years experience in international business and now works in the not-for-profit sector. Megan is experienced in organising, managing and encouraging diverse groups to achieve goals efficiently, having lived and worked in most corners of the planet.  She can still say a made-up childhood word; milliumvumbumeptogonceptatrematous.

Secretary – Orla McCormack

Orla is a qualified teacher, has a PhD in Education and over 12 years experience in higher education; teaching teachers no less! She has produced innumerable papers on the state of education collaborating both nationally and internationally. Orla is delighted to have our Charity Registration almost over the line. Orla has traveled widely, although tends to remember what she ate, not where she went.

Creative Director- Marcus Quinlan

Marcus earned a Masters in Writing, NUIG and has worked on theatre production nationally and internationally including Spraoi Festival, Waterford. He has applied his skills to both adult and child focused live theatre and held post of Welfare Officer for international children’s event. Marcus is always the guy with the zany out there ideas – and better yet – he pulls them off!

Past Members

Chairperson – Lindsay Deely

Lindsay has a degree in journalism from McGill, Montreal and has transitioned those communication skills to STEM outreach in Irelands largest biomedtech research body. She is dedicated about removing barriers to kids participating in science and names all her dogs after famous musicians.

Social Media – Michael Cannon

Michael has been involved with the Oranmore Maree Coastal Search Unit since its inception. He performs the vital task of liaison with local media outlets for ongoing searches. He is volunteering with the Oranmore Arts Festival as our photographer, videographer and social media expert. Michael is well known for his reliance on predictive text and always getting the wrong word – ugh!

Volunteer Coordinator – Emma Breathnach

Emma holds a degree in Marketing and Management with a focus on event management, sponsorship and promotion. She has worked for 11 years in health sector with experience in health & safety. Emma comes to us with a whopping 20 year experience in volunteer sector. If you’re lucky, she might show you her party trick of touching her nose with her tounge.

Corporate Fundraising – John Clancy

John is a serial entrepreneur and experienced business leader. John has a passion for creating successful businesses, building enduring business relationships, value selling, and leading groups of people. His schoolyard nickname was Turps, because his head is shaped like a turnip.

IT / Rock n Roll – Kev Deely

Kev studied Agricultural Engineering and failed to apply any of it in his stellar tech career. Having been roped in by his eminently more capable wife, Kev provided IT support and esoteric rock and roll opinions to the OAF committee.