The Oranmore Arts Festival is a not-for-profit arts organisation with a driving motivation to provide access to the arts across all stratas of the local community. In doing so, it aims to increase appreciation for the breadth of local talent within the community by providing opportunities to showcase local artists, as well as bringing art of outstanding merit from around the world to the doorstep of the local populace.

The Oranmore Arts Festival core focus is a four-day long annual event held every May, with other smaller events held throughout the year in conjunction with complimentary national events and initiatives. By working year-round, and in close association with other community groups and local business owners, the Oranmore Arts Festival takes a ‘whole village’ approach in an effort to build community relationships. With close and careful consideration given to diversity and inclusion, the festival practices it’s remit in all that it does; art for everyone, right in our own village.