2021 Festival

Oranmore Arts Festival 2021

Wellspring Vol. 1

It’s here! The first official volume of Wellspring- a celebration of the creativity that is alive and blossoming in our community.

It takes it name from the meaning of Oranmore – Fuarán Mór (“Great Spring” in Irish), and is defined as “an abundant source of something.” Abundance is just the word to describe the energy of this village.

Please enjoy this digital magazine – it’s chock full of submissions from local artists, writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, community groups and down-right amazing people. Click here to read and explore the videos and links. Best viewed in fullscreen mode!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to share with us!

See it your way!

This shape art activity takes four familiar landmarks in the village as well as our own logo and pulls them apart. Creatives young and old can have fun putting them back together again and reimagining our surroundings in a whole new way!

Get the printouts via Eventbrite here

Rock art project

Oranmore resident Donna O’Rourke was inspired to use her creative talents to improve morale and encourage those around her. She painted rocks with beautiful, thought provoking and encouraging designs, and left them around her local area so that people could see and appreciate them whilst out getting fresh air and exercise.Donna is still creating her little gem-like artworks, and for this year’s Oranmore Arts Festival, we’d love you to join in too. Collect a rock, paint it with your own artwork, encouraging slogan or design, and leave it around the village to brighten everyone’s day! And for this year’s Darkness Into Light Oranmore event on 8th May (the same weekend as our festival) people will be leaving decorated memory and message stones at the side gate of Cloonarkin Drive. So if your decorated stone is appropriately reflective, feel free to add it to the collection there, and take time to read and reflect on other people’s contributions.

Time Capsule

It’s been one heck of a year- to capture this strange moment in history we’re burying a time capsule in the Oranmore Community Garden to be dug up and marveled at in 30 years to come. It will be filled with items collected from you, our brilliant community!


A digital magazine celebrating the creativity in our community. We asked, you answered! To round out the festival we’ll be publishing the first Volume of Wellspring with over 25 pages of community artists, groups, projects and businesses.

To our amazing community- The Oranmore Arts festival has been held annually on the first weekend in May since 2018. In March 2020, with two months notice, we somehow managed to celebrate the creativity in our wonderful community in an entirely online festival.

A full year on, finding ourselves still needing to keep a safe and social distance and limit our engagement with others, we as a committee are aware of the online fatigue so many of us suffer from.

With that in mind, rather than repeat an online festival, the Oranmore Arts Festival will be curating a series of safe, socially distanced activities that will celebrate the creativity that is still very much alive and well in our wonderful community. We will endeavour to mark this strange point in time that we’ve all experienced and maybe even surprise some of you with the end result!

From May 6th to 9th you can expect to see activities for kids, families, adults and everyone in between. We’ll be releasing the programme over the coming days, but first up is a celebration of everything that makes the Oranmore community so wonderful.

Faced with a very strange year, so many of you have responded with a burst of creativity- taking up new hobbies, reinvigorating old ones, learning new skills or trying something new. OAF wants to capture all of those wonderful ways that we as a community, have responded to change and challenge by stretching our creative muscles. So whether it’s a poem or short story, a new garden or a painting, a new business or community group- we want to hear from you. We’ll put them all together in an online magazine to celebrate the amazing positives that have emerged from this weird and wonderful year, and give you all a chance to share your thoughts, ideas, art and ambitions with the village. Simply email us at info@oaf.ie to submit your entry. Every and all bit of content will be included! With thanks and anticipation of seeing your entries, the OAF Committee

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