2020 Festival

OAF2020 took place online from May 7-10. See the full Programme.

A letter of thanks….

Let us begin by saying that we were heartbroken that we were unable to host the Oranmore Arts Festival 2020 in the buzzing bars, cafes, restaurants and local businesses of Oranmore. However, with your help and support we put together an online programme of events which was unprecedented for us and was an enormous success, so thank you to everyone who contributed to this. We were also incredibly lucky to have the support of Galway County Council and our local media here in Galway.

In early March we sat as a group and decided to cancel the festival. There was great disappointment amongst the committee members who had been working hard since last summer to create something special to coincide with Galway as European Capital of Culture 2020. As well as all of the incredible local contributors, we had performers coming from Rogu, based in Cork and Puzzle Theatre, from Quebec in Canada, who now needed to be contacted and told that we could no longer go ahead. However, as the weeks progressed the team behind the Oranmore Arts Festival decided through WhatsApp messages and Zoom video calls that if we were going to be in lockdown then we as a community needed, more than ever, to come together as one in some way. What better way, in this new reality, than to gather in the gigabytes and cast our festival online.

In truth, we had no idea what we were doing, or how hard it would be to get content online. This festival involved many new challenges for us the committee. It was a steep learning curve and we weren’t sure of its success. After reviewing our online figures, we realised that we had made the right call. We had reached out to over 13,000 people, and not just to the wonderful people of Oranmore but to people all across the globe. We created a place for people to come together, to engage with us but also to engage with each other. We were also in a position to use this platform to raise funds for Pieta House and over the weekend we raised over €1,200. This has given us so many thoughts and ideas around how we can use the online medium next year to promote our festival, our community and our local businesses.

One of the central themes around any European Capital of Culture project is the Artistic Legacy that it will leave on a community. The programme and images, graphics and recordings of the 2020 Oranmore Arts Festival will remain on our Facebook and Youtube channels, so if you haven’t yet had the opportunity, please do take a look.

Finally and most importantly, we would like to gather some feedback from you. Please see our survey attached here, we would love to get your thoughts, feedback and ideas about how we can make our little festival bigger and better.

Warm wishes,

The Oranmore Arts Festival committee

If you would like to get involved in the online festival, please contact us at creative@oaf.ie